Thursday, 4 April 2013

How can we have fun?

From Angela, written about last week: 

It is now week three in the rehearsal room and we seem to now be at the point where the panic is slowly creeping in - an occupational hazard - IT'S WEEK 3! 

We have been using a process called  'Open Space' a lot during the rehearsals, of which often starts with an overarching framing question which is the above - 'How can we have fun?'  

One of the sessions posted was called "Doing What the Director Says". 
So Guy and I tried to do exactly what Lee said - it lasted for about five minutes. 

Lee is very patient...

Amelia from the Ovalhouse marketing department popped in with Leo to see what we were up to. She let us know some of the great plans they have around marketing the show, which is very exciting! 

Tuesday was a bit wobbly, Wednesday started off with looking at various scenes using the Whelan Tape Technique and by the late afternoon we had all descended into hysteria with the arrival of a costume. 

Thursday was fun, productive and quite left field. And this morning I am delighted that we are being joined by Matilda for some wrestling. I love my life. 

News elsewhere for The Bear is that our lovely flyers have arrived and are ready for distribution; Heather is playing hardball with a second hand shop over some furniture; while Lucy & Mishi have overseen the set build, which is now ready for us to rehearse with next week. 

I love this and wish it was one I made earlier.

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